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The Echolotzentrum Schlageter and the Sonar Akademie Deutschland are one of Europe’s and Canada’s biggest providers of sonar and marine electronics in the area of Search & Rescue. We are now also represented in the USA. The police, Bundeswehr, fire departments, DLRG, THW, the German Red Cross, water rescue departments, many institutes and universities and even some producers trust our expertise. Thanks to our professional equipment and our experience gained in many missions, you can be sure to receive the perfect combination of equipment, training and underwater drones.

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Talk to us to find the perfect solution for your area of operations. Our trainings and concepts complement each other perfectly. Contact us and we’ll send our current equipment and training offers.

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Our training courses

  • Basic course

    This basic course lays the foundation for further trainings and education on echo sounding equipment. You will be taught the basics of echo sounding technology in theory and in practice. After completing the basic course, all participants will be able to evaluate the echo sounding images correctly and will know how to use the equipment efficiently during operations.
  • Complete course

    The complete course includes all subjects from the basic course and offers the possibility to get to know the advanced functions of the device. Especially the use of unrivaled sonar training doll „ Darwin“ helps to broaden already acquired knowledge and to train under real life conditions. After the training, all participants are perfectly prepared for emergencies.
  • Renewal course

    The renewal course is perfect if the basic or complete course have been visited a couple of months ago and if the capability of the search team on how to use the echo sounding device should be kept up to date. The renewal course can only be booked after completing the basic or complete course. We can broaden many subjects from the complete course and can also conduct real life training with sonar doll „Darwin“.